What is Acupuncture?

what is acupunctureWhat is Acupuncture?

Listed as one of the most recent medical procedures, acupuncture has proven to be effective for treating several ailments and disorders in the body. It is a medical procedure that involves stimulation of specific points on the body. Usually, the stimulation will involve the penetration of sterile needles in the skin. The needles are penetrated into the skin to lessen pain, or treat other medical conditions.

What does it treat?

The procedure was developed in China about 1,000 years ago. Some studies have been carried out in the US and Europe, and it was proven that the procedure helps to treat nausea and relieve pain. Also, it was discovered to be able to treat chronic pain. For that, it has been a referral option for many years, and health specialists are supporting it.

Other than the chronic pain, researchers have carried out a study to find out if the procedure can treat specific types of cancer and depression. They also conducted a study to see if it can effectively treat other symptoms that are related to cancer. Some Chinese practitioners have pointed out that acupuncture can help to treat some special disorders like diabetes, kidney or liver diseases. Nonetheless, other health specialists argue that the procedure cannot treat such diseases as diabetes.

How does it work?

Initially, acupuncture was applied with the use of needles, which was first in China. The contemporary procedure has changed, and it has evolved from when it was first introduced. Compared to when it was first discovered to now, it has changed, and the practitioners use different ways to accomplish that.

The procedure helps to enhance the functions of the body and promote the process of natural self-healing in the body. This is done by the stimulation of specific sites of the atoms. They are mostly called the acupoints. The most popular method is the insertion of fine needles into the patient’s skin. Once the fine, sterile needles are inserted into the flesh, heat, electrical stimulation, or pressure can be applied. The reason for applying these aspects is to boost the effects of the needles. Other stimulation methods include heat therapy, also known as moxibustion, manual massage, cupping, or the application of ligaments and topical herbal medicine.

The initial technique follows the two Chinese opposing forces, ying and yang. The body will be healthy if the two forces are in balance. The energy called Qi will flow through specific pathways that are known as meridians. This will take place in the entire body. The constant flow of the energy will allow the two opposing forces to be in balance, and the person will have good health.

What happens during the treatment?

The first thing that happens is that the acupuncturist will inquire about the history of your health. After that, he will examine the color, coating, and shape of your tongue. Also, he will feel your pulse and carry out some extra physical examination to determine your health. Once the acupuncturist is aware of your health, they will know the best treatment plan for you.

When the procedure starts, you will lay on the treatment table as the specialist inserts the needles. In most cases, you will feel minimal or no pain during the stimulation of the acupoints. Usually, the needles will be left in the skin for about five to thirty minutes. Some people claim that they feel relieved after the treatment while others claim that they feel relaxed after the treatment.

How many treatments will be needed?

The number of treatments that you need will determine on your health condition. Some will feel a major relief on their first appointment while others will require several visits. Ideally, the treatment should be offered once or twice every week for some months. For the severe problems, fewer visits are recommended, which can total up to ten or eight visits.

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