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How do Bach flower remedies work? … These flower remedies are a safe and natural method of healing as they work to gently restore the balance between the mind and body. They are proven to gently soothe negative emotions like fear, worry, hatred, and indecision that disrupt the body’s equilibrium as a whole.

Read the descriptions.   Pick the 5 that represent what you are feeling most.  Email us at  with your 5 flowers.  We will create the remedy and mail it out to you, or you can stop by the office and pick them up.  The Tinctures are 1/2 oz  bottles.  Cost is $15.   We are picking up the cost of mailing it to our patients during this COVID-19 time frame.  

AGRIMONY – THOSE WHO HIDE WORRIES BEHIND A BRAVE FACE. Distressed by arguments, quarrels and confrontation. Often turn to alcohol, drugs, or comfort eating to help cope.

ASPEN – APPREHENSION FOR NO KNOWN REASON. Sudden fears and anxieties seize these people. Feelings of unexplained anxious anticipation and foreboding dread.

BEECH – CRITICAL AND INTOLERANT OF OTHERS UNABLE AND UNWILLING TO MAKE ALLOWANCES. These people are convinced that they are right and everyone else is wrong. Perfectionists to the extreme.

CENTAURY – WEAK WILLED; EXPLOITED OR IMPOSED UPON. Usually timid, quiet and passive, these people act out of subservience rather than a spirit of willing cooperation.

CERATO THOSE WHO DOUBT THEIR OWN JUDGEMENT, SEEK CONFIRMATION OF OTHERS. These people may be wise, educated and intuitive yet they constantly seek and follow the advice of others rather than trust themselves.

CHERRY PLUM UNCONTROLLED, IRRATIONAL THOUGHTS. These people feel they may explode and give way to violent impulses and fits of rage. NOTE: If symptoms are severe, help from a therapist is recommended.

CHESTNUT BUD REFUSES TO LEARN BY EXPERIENCE – CONTINUALLY REPEATS SAME MISTAKES. These people do their best to forget past difficulties and thus have no solid basis on which to base future decisions.

CHICORY OVER POSSESSIVE (SELF-CENTERED) CLINGING AND OVER-PROTECTIVE ESPECIALLY OF LOVED ONES. They expect other to conform to their values and are critical and argumentative when they do not. Interfering, talkative, self-pitying easily offended.

CLEMATIS INATTENTIVE, DREAMY, ABSENT-MINDED, MENTAL ESCAPISM. They like to be alone and avoid confrontation by withdrawing. Lack of interest.

CRAB APPLE THE “CLEANSER” SELF-DISGUST OR DETESTATION. Ashamed of ailments. Symptoms may include obsessive house cleaning frequent hand washing or obsession with trivialities.

ELM OVERWHELMED BY RESPONSIBILITY. When people, even those with above average ability, take on too much work while neglecting themselves the results are often temporary depression, exhaustion and loss of self-esteem.

GENTIAN DESPONDENCY. These people become easily depressed and discouraged when things go wrong or difficulties arise. Easily disheartened by small setbacks.

GORSE PESSIMISM, DEFEATISM, “OH WHAT’S THE USE!” Very often theses are people suffering from a chronic illness and have been told (or have come to believe) that nothing can be done for them. They have no faith the treatments they are undergoing will work.

HEATHER TALKATIVE OBSESSED WITH OWN TROUBLES AND EXPERIENCES. They need an audience and dislike being alone but fail to realize they are often avoided because they sap other people’s vitality.

HOLLY HATRED, ENVY, JEALOUSY, SUSPICION. Unconsciously, these people suffer from insecurity yet project aggression to the world at large. They lack the ability to feel love.

HONEYSUCKLE LIVING IN THE PAST – NOSTALGIC. Homesickness. They lack the ability to change the present because they are constantly looking at the past, usually out of a sense of fear.

HORNBEAM ‘MONDAY MORNING’ FEELING – PROCRASTINATION. People who find it difficult to face everyday problems and responsibilities in spite of the fact that they do manage to get things done.

IMPATIENS IMPATIENCE, IRRITABILITY. Capable and efficient, these people act, think an speak quickly but are frustrated and irritated by slow co-workers and so often wind up working alone.

LARCH LACK OF SELF-CONFIDENCE, FEELS INFERIOR. Fears failure. They may be secretly aware that they really do have the ability they admire (without envy) in other, yet these people simply won’t try for fear of failing.

MIMULUS FEAR OF KNOWN THINGS. SHYNESS, TIMIDITY. For people who fear accidents, pain, poverty, public speaking, unemployment, etc. Often artistic and talented, these people can be tongue-tied and unable to speak about their fears.

MUSTARD ‘DARK CLOUD’ THAT DESCENDS MAKING ONE SADDENED AND LOW FOR NO KNOWN REASON. Although this depression can often lift just as suddenly as it descends, people who suffer from it are truly exposed to the deepest gloom.

OAK – NORMALLY STRONG/COURAGEOUS, BUT NO LONGER ABLE TO STRUGGLE BRAVELY AGAINST ILLNESS AND/OR ADVERSITY. These people are over-achievers with a strong sense of duty. They hide their tiredness because they are afraid to appear weak in front of others.

OLIVE FATIGUED–DRAINED OF ENERGY. The type of exhaustion that sets in after a prolonged period of strain. Everything becomes a monumental effort. Life lacks zest.

PINE GUILT COMPLEX – BLAMES SELF EVEN FOR MISTAKES OF OTHERS. Always apologizing. These people feel undeserving and unworthy which in turn destroys the joy of living.

RED CHESTNUT OBSESSED BY CARE AND CONCERN FOR OTHERS. These people constantly fear the worst, living in dreaded anticipation of some nonspecific but definitely unfortunate thing happening to their loved ones.

ROCK ROSE SUDDENLY ALARMED, SCARED, AND PANICKY. Often occurs after being in an accident, or narrowly avoiding or witnessing an accident. An acute threat—sickness, natural disaster, etc.—can cause these people to feel frozen and helpless with fear.

ROCK WATER RIGID MINDED, SELF -DENYING. These people are self-dominating to the point of self-martyrdom. Opinionated and dogmatic, they are much too self-concerned to interfere in or connect with other people lives.

SCLERANTHUSUNCERTAINTY, INDECISION, VACILLATION. Fluctuating moods. These people often waste time and miss opportunities because their up and down mood swings make them unreliable.

STAR OF BETHLEHEM FOR ALL THE EFFECTS OF SERIOUS NEWS OR FRIGHT FOLLOWING AN ACCIDENT, ETC. There are those who suffer serious distress and unhappiness under adverse conditions.

SWEET CHESTNUT UTTER DEJECTION, BLEAK OUTLOOK. For when anguish is so great it seems unbearable and all endurance seems gone.

VERVAIN OVER-ENTHUSIASM, FANATICAL BELIEFS. These people are strong willed people with strong views, especially about what they consider to be injustice. They are often so enthusiastic that they alienate potential allies.

VINE DOMINATING, INFLEXIBLE, TYRANNICAL, AUTOCRATIC, AND ARROGANT. Capable, gifted, and ambitious people who use their abilities to bully others. Proud and usually ruthlessly greedy for power.

WALNUT ASSIST IN ADJUSTMENT TO TRANSITION OR CHANGE, E.G. PUBERTY, MENOPAUSE, DIVORCE, NEW SURROUNDINGS. Also for those with definite ideas but who are occasionally diverted by the strong opinion of others.

WATER VIOLET PROUD, RESERVED, ENJOYS BEING ALONE. Often gentle and self-reliant, theses people nevertheless can exude a sense of superiority that makes them appear aloof and condescending.

WHITE CHESTNUT PERSISTENT UNWANTED THOUGHTS. Pre-occupation with some worry or episode. Mental arguments that go around and around and lead to a troubled, depressed mind.

WILD OAT HELPS DETERMINE ONE’S INTENDED PATH IN LIFE. There are people who have ambitions and talents but wasted those gifts through a lack of direction. They are frustrated because they are aware that life is passing them by. 

WILD ROSE RESIGNATION, APATHY. Whether it’s illness, a monotonous life or poor working conditions, these people do not complain but simply plod unhappily on. Their apathetic behavior assures that their condition will not change and they will miss even the simplest of life’s pleasures.

WILLOW RESENTMENT, EMBITTERMENT ‘POOR OLD ME!These people can start to begrudge other people’s good fortune. Grumbling and irritable they enjoy spreading gloom.

RESCUE REMEDY – For people who find themselves in emergency stress situation. It is the only combination of essences (Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem) formulated and recognized by Dr. Bach himself. Rescue Remedy will Comfort/reassure and calm those who have received serious news, sever upset, startling experiences consequently falling into a numbed, bemused state of mind. Rescue Remedy can also be used just before bed to calm a troubled mind or before any stressful situation such as exams doctor or dentist appointments and public speaking. Rescue Remedy also comes in cream for that can be used topically on burns stings, sprains or even as a massage cream.

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