Patient Stories

Gentle, intuitive and knowledgeable

I’ve been Sheridan’s patient for about seven years.   I continue to be floored by her ability to guide me away from my ailments and toward healing.   She does this when she invites open dialog, eagerly answers questions and consistently offers insightful care options.  I find Sheridan to be a perfect combination of gentle, intuitive empath and knowledgeable, medicinal practitioner.  As a result, her warmth has absolutely changed my life.

Golfers! They Treat YIPS

I have been playing golf for 40 years and 6 months ago the yips appeared out of nowhere.  I almost quit the game -and anyone who has ever experienced the yips knows that feeling of despair. A friend suggested acupuncture, specifically with Lisa at RiverWest Acupuncture.  Riverwest has helped golfers before and after just a few sessions, I was fully cured of the yips.  I played golf all summer long yip free and am confident they will never come back.  Thank you Lisa and RiverWest!

Reducing High Blood Sugar

I was surprised when the nurse advising me on how to lower my A1C blood sugar level of 5.9 suggested I try acupuncture as a primary course of action. Luckily my wife remembered seeing a postcard about RiverWest’s community acupuncture clinic offered four times per week.

In the first six months, I managed to lower my A1C from the 5.9 level to 5.7, just .10 above the normal upper limit of 5.6. The nurse and I were impressed with that progress in just six months. And I am now pleased and proud to report that with my blood work last week my A1C is now 5.5, .10 BELOW normal limits! My cholesterol has also dropped into the “normal” range from being slightly high. I think the point here is that sticking with the program for the long haul has produced impressive results. Like Woody Allen said, “90% of life is just showing up!” I would highly recommend that anyone with an A1C higher than 5.6 give acupuncture a try. –Mike

Sinus Congestion and Pain

When I became aware of early signs of congestion in November/December, my treatment at RiverWest supported relatively rapid clearing that moved pain and pressure from my sinuses to open up and release. The treatments plus the advice I got to supplement the work made it possible for me to continue with my life, adding some additional rest, but without being bed-bound for days on end. It was a great relief to me physically and emotionally to be able to take care of myself without having to withdraw from normal activities of my work and social life. In previous years, these symptoms were but precursors to a period of about 8-10 days that I would have had to spend in bed.

Treatment that nurtures the physical, emotional, spiritual…

Lisa cares deeply and listens, truly listens, with empathy, warmth and understanding. She treats the “whole” person, while accepting our flaws and weaknesses, our bad habits and crazy lifestyles. She helps and educates but doesn’t make our perfection as human beings a prerequisite for her treatment or our improvement. I sense that frequently caregivers focus on the disease, injury or complaint; Lisa intuitively understands the whole person is affected–emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, that recovering health and joy in life means nurturing all those elements as well as the physical. Lisa also possesses an innate joy and optimism which communicates hope to patients who are often desperate for hope. And the clinic, a reflection of her, offers a feeling of calmness and kindness, of refuge and community.

Whole Body Health Care

I count on RiverWest Acupuncture for a full spectrum of support that addresses my physical body experiences with attention to more than one dimension: from acupuncture needles to focused massage techniques, and including dietary recommendations, while also gently suggesting areas of inquiry for emotional issues. Their care and treatment supports me in remembering that I am a whole being, more than the sum of parts.

More Patient Stories:


“I have been going to Lisa for quite some time now. I have terrible seasonal allergies which begin in April and end in September, making the summer somewhat of a health challenge for me. In years past I have gone to specialists who put me on a cocktail of several prescription medications just to treat my symptoms. Though the medications did offer some relief, I continued to experience symptoms. I told Lisa I had allergies but I think even she was surprised when she realized just how bad my allergies are, but as always, she was up to the challenge.

I began treatments in early April and have been seeing Lisa weekly to bi- weekly ever since. The big test came several weeks ago when we attended a barbeque at Kelley Point Park. When we drove into the parking lot the cottonwood was so thick, it looked as though it were snowing. I figured I would be able to stay at the park for an hour at best and would have to leave due to severe allergic reactions (trees happen to be my worst allergens).

To my astonishment, as well as the astonishment of all my friends at the party, I was able to stay all day and into the evening. I was absolutely elated and couldn’t wait to tell Lisa that after all these years, I am finally ‘cured’! I had no idea it was possible to feel this good! Treating my allergies has also significantly improved my overall health and well being. To be able to enjoy the summer months is such an amazing gift and one I am forever grateful for. Thank you Lisa, for what you do and all the lives you touch!”


“I had my first allergic reaction to shellfish on my 34th birthday. My birthday lunch of shrimp landed me in bed with a migraine for five days (along with other nasty reactions I won’t go into!) After trying shellfish one more time (just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke) I was forced to swear off all my favorite crustaceans – shrimp, crab, lobster and scallops. Three years ago a friend told me that he had the same allergy, but had received acupuncture and was now able to enjoy shellfish once again. I was skeptical but put acupuncture on my list of things to check out.

While accompanying my sister to one of her acupuncture appointments to Riverwest Acupuncture last January Lisa said she could help me with my allergy. After a short discussion of the process I began my treatment. Six treatments later I was ready to try my first taste of shellfish in 25 years. Nothing has ever tasted as good as that first shrimp (except maybe a double chocolate molten fudge cake with vanilla ice cream.) I am happy to report that I have been enjoying the yummy taste of shellfish for three months, symptom free! My only regret is I didn’t know years ago how acupuncture will help your body work as it should. Thank you to Lisa and the wonderful staff of Riverwest Acupuncture.”


“I’ve been reminded yet again, how grateful I am to Lisa (and RiverWest Acupuncture) for help with my food allergies. This last Thursday, I picked up some lunch from a reputable grocery store. I checked the ingredients and all looked fine…, so I bought it and ate it. Tasted delish, but unfortunately about 40 minutes after ingesting it, I reacted. Have you ever had a calf cramp – you can feel the muscle just knotted up and it hurts like h___? Well “one” of my allergy symptoms to food is such a cramp, however – it is in my chest.

Called an esophageal spasm, the cramp can’t be massaged out. It feels like a heart attack, the pain is just unbearable. This cramp lasted 45 minutes straight – unrelenting. So why am I mentioning this? This is how I used to react to finned fish and I don’t any longer! YEAH! Truly – if you have environmental and/or food allergies – ask Lisa or Jenn if they can help you either eliminate these or reduce the symptoms. What would it hurt?”

Back Pain

I received wonderful care from RiverWest Acupuncture. I went in for back pain but realized through the course of treatment that my ailments were more of a general malaise. Through a process of several visits I was able to achieve a better balance in my overall health and well-being. They always had good information and suggestions to pass on to me. What a great resource he is! The clinic and warm staff make you feel at home as soon as you walk in the door. I have tried other practices in the past with limited success. The experience I had at RiverWest has been the best. I can’t say enough about this place.

I got my leg back

I just got out of bed and HAD to send you this email. When I woke up this morning something was very VERY different. I couldn’t place it, but I felt it to my core. I did a quick scan of my body, asking it what was up. And then I realized…I got my leg back. MY LEG WAS BACK! I don’t know where she went, but last night she returned. Throughout the last two months, I had a dreams…one, where my injured leg was taken away and then returned in angelic bubble wrap. Another, where my leg was a limp piece of over cooked asparagus. Sometimes I would look at my injured knee and want to cry because I didn’t recognize her as mine. Other times, I would weep in apology that I had done this to her. BUT last night, she returned.

I have seen Lisa for four visits. She has treated my gut and worked on my knee. My gut is healed! Thank GOD! The work on my knee has been a steady progress of support and healing and after every appointment I could feel my knee grow stronger. But yesterday’s treatment got me over the hump, the edge, the steep hill I’ve been climbing to complete wellness and WHOLENESS. Jill’s acupuncture treatment was powerful! She did similar pokes to Lisa, but she was able to push through the last remaining blocks. *Thank you Jill, thank you. I will send people to you in a heartbeat! (just as i do for Lisa)*

Lisa came into the appointment and found two tender spots on my knee and when she pressed on them, I could bend my knee into a position it hasn’t reached since my injury. Then I talked to Bev, and she helped me grasp what my emotional blocks might be. In other words, my appointment yesterday treated me energetically by Jill, physically by Lisa, emotionally by Bev and with the herbs I’m taking, I’m also getting treated medicinally.

I still have a ways to go, but it is all easy peasy from here. I just know it!!!!! Thank you. The gratitude I have for you all is grand and huge and real and I am and will be forever grateful.

Muscle/Joint Pain

I have to tell you that my treatments are so successful, I am almost in shock! The staff at RiverWest treated my knee after a nasty fall on a sidewalk due to the potential for arthritis to “attack” that knee. As of today, just two days later after the treatment (two weeks after my fall), the pain is TOTALLY gone! I can put weight on my knee when I need to sit up, walk, or anything needing the use of a knee!

Thank you SO MUCH for helping me regain my healthier life. I just cannot say enough about the staff’s skills, kind and caring demeanor, and uncanny knowledge as to how to help someone like me who is an entire train wreck.

Muscle/Joint Pain

I can’t say enough good things about my visit yesterday. My knee pain, which I’ve had for about 4 years, is gone and I feel just AMAZING! I live about an hour away and I felt warm all the way home. The next day my friends noticed a difference in my attitude and wanted to know what I did. Of course I told them and hopefully they will call to make an appointment. I still feel great.

Muscle/Joint Pain

“WOW” My wife referred me to RiverWest Acupuncture as I complained that my shoulders were raised and I could not bring them into position or alignment. As I described my goals to Lisa of RiverWest she observed that I had not only a hyper extended left shoulder, I was also somewhat twisted. Yikes!!! I sort of knew this but when shown in the mirror, I could really see it. During my first treatment I began to feel a sensation of my own comforting energy flowing through my body. I said out loud. “Wow”. The treatment was successful with immediate relief from my shoulders as well as an overall relaxation better than any massage therapy I had experienced.

My daughter whom had neck pain, lower back and feet pain from standing all day at her work wanted to give it a go after I recounted my experience. We went together for the next appointment. I went in first to one room for treatment, her to another. After another successful visit I waited for my daughter in the reception area. When finished with her first treatment my daughter was walking towards me and said. “Wow” The next morning she telephoned me and said. “Before I go to work I wanted to let you know that when I woke up this morning I usually cry from the pain of my feet and neck, but this morning the pain is gone. “Wow.” RiverWest Acupuncture is a very good place!

Muscle/Joint Pain

“I have a neuroma in my foot that feels like I have a rock in my shoe. I’ve been living with this for 10 years. I had cortisone shots 3 different times, which helped at first but the last one didn’t. I was told by my doctor that surgery was the next option. My wife had been going to see Lisa for pain in her back which worked very well, so I thought I would give it a try. Wow! Wish I had come 10 years ago! After just 1 visit my foot felt 90% better. Not only did Lisa fix my neuroma but is working on improving many other things. I feel so much better, physically and mentally. The staff makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed. Lisa really knows what she is doing. I definitely would recommend Riverwest Acupuncture.”

Muscle/Joint Pain

“It’s a healing experience walking into the Riverwest Acupuncture clinic. The administrative staff are warm and knowledgeable, the atmosphere is calming and beautiful, and the acupuncturists are skilled and intuitive. Over the years they have helped my family with a variety of symptoms. Most recently they immediately reduced swelling and pain I suffered from a running injury. I heartily recommend you see them for any health concerns. They are effective healers, and lots of fun to be around.”

Muscle/Joint Pain

“I initially went into RiverWest Acupuncture because of neck and head pain. As I left I felt better than I have in a very long time. I felt such an improvement in areas that I didn’t even know had been feeling bad. I had been so used to feeling crappy that I didn’t even realize that I had been until I left and felt a million times better! I will definitely keep going back on a regular basis.”

Muscle/Joint Pain

“I have been a client of Riverwest Acupuncture for about 10 years now. That should tell you enough! Any challenge that you walk in with can and will be addressed with care, intention, and dedication. Lisa and her team are gracious, caring people and there to help with any need you have. As a person who deals with chronic pain, I turned to acupuncture. So happy that I did and even happier that I have Lisa to thank for helping with the pain and any other issue that comes up with every day life.”

Muscle/Joint Pain

“I first came to Riverwest Acupuncture in 2003 with a very painful tendonitis in my right thumb – I am right handed and could not use the hand for bathing, shampooing hair, dressing, cooking, or driving, – without wanting to scream from the pain. I had been to a hand specialist and an occupational therapist and gone through all the exercises, hot/cold treatments, splinting, N-SAID’s, etc., and when the MD finally recommended steroidal injections into the thumb joint I decided it was time to try something different and called Lisa for an appointment.

I was an emotional mess – I had just completed chemotherapy (not related to the thumb/hand) and not understanding how long those chemo drugs stay in one’s system I was fixated on the thumb pain as the cause of all my emotional and physical discomfort. Typically Lisa would have needled my left hand (opposite to the affected one) but I have lymphedema in that limb from the cancer surgery so she instructed me to remove my left shoe. I did but with loads of skepticism! She placed one needle in the top of my foot and asked me to move my thumb and I replied “Oh, yeh, right!” (I didn’t say I was a good patient!) She asked, patiently again, and I moved it and found it totally pain free for the first time in months! I still find it hard to believe after all I’d been through to get such immediate and complete relief! So I figured, I may not understand how this works but I’ll accept that it does.

I also have serious osteoarthritis in both knees and ankles and have been told repeatedly that I need knee replacement surgeries. After 4-5 weekly sessions, I have gone to a once a month maintenance schedule – and I experience no pain in my knees and ankles most of the time and when I do it is manageable without stopping my activities or relying on pain medication. The best part is I continue to ambulate upright, under my own leg power…allowing me to lead an active life which includes exercise at the gym for improved health and fitness. After years of suffering, it is my opinion that it is Lisa’s skill as an acupuncturist that has kept me out of a wheelchair!”

Numb and

The summer of 2015 I found my hand to be very weak. I went to the doctors and had an MRI – they found the web of muscle between my forefinger and thumb next to non-existent due to a cyst on my wrist bone putting pressure on nerves. Surgery was recommended. A family member recommended seeing an Acupuncturist at RiverWest first. I got about 15 acupuncture treatments, and lo and behold the strength in my hand came back fully! Wow! I was not looking forward to surgery and so happy for the results with Acupuncture!”


“I have been suffering from chronic headaches and migraines for 21 years. I forced myself to live through them, because I felt I had no other choice in my life. My migraines would knock me out weekly and my headaches consumed about 90% of each day. I had cat scans, blood work, saw specialists and took unimaginable amounts of drugs, and it all failed or just numbed the pain for a few hours. I felt as I was getting older my headaches were getting worse. Now, a mother of 2 beautiful but demanding boys, I had to find something. I was feeling guilty every time I had a migraine and had to lie down away from the kids. Feeling bad for constantly asking them to quite down because Mommy had a headache. Guilt stricken and tired, a friend recommended me to acupuncture.

During my first appointment Lisa Francolini was wonderful as she handed me tissue after tissue as I told her my story. With assurance Lisa told me I was going to be headache free. Being let down so many times in this area it was hard for me to imagine, but so comforting to hear. Let’s skip to the happy ending: within 3 treatments I was headache free. Yes, you heard me not one! After living with such an unbearable pain almost every day of my life, I have none. And let me tell you the best part, I am a healthier and happier Mom! Now, my only question is why didn’t I try this sooner?!”


Nov…Fall is a time of color and beauty. I love watching the variety of maple leaves changing to vivid reds, golds, purples, and orange. I enjoy kicking around leaves and walking in the fresh crisp air. It is a delight to my eyes and heart… At the same time, in the fall, as daylight hours shorten, clouds set in and skies are blanketed in colors of gray, it also becomes a time of depression for me. Fall produces an inner struggle where intellectually I know all is stable in my world; however, emotionally it can leave me incapacitated, literally non-function. I have SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Last week when I thought all was well, I was hit blindsided by a wave of sadness. Sitting on the couch, in the dark, tears falling for two and a half days, I finally recognized I needed help. This wasn’t going to go away on its own. Fortunately, I was already scheduled for a RiverWest “Community Acupuncture” session (with my husband) the next day. I hadn’t intended to go while in the midst of being in the throws of an ailment, but let’s just say it was good timing.

My belief was I had three choices: 1. Go to a same-day appointment with my regular practitioner and increase medications, 2. Try the acupuncture; or 3. Try and live with this awful feeling inside of me. The last choice was not an option, and the first choice, well – increased doses of medications or trying new meds have their own issues of side effects, needing time to work, and on-going costs. That left the acupuncture.

So, I attended a Saturday community acupuncture session and by the time I left I noticed the uncontrollable crying stopped. Still reserved about my overall health, I wasn’t going to kid myself that all was well within one session. Yet, as the day progressed I felt better and better. No, not completely whole, so I did attend another two sessions the following week. After each session, my smile came back and so too, my energy. I realize I still need a few more sessions to help with the final side effects of this disease (tension headache), but I have no doubt I’ll be helped. I also have no doubt that should this darkness slip back I have a place to go where I can find relief.

Auto Injuries

RiverWest Acupuncture, especially Lisa, have changed my life. I was in a horrible car accident on January 28th of this year and was badly injured. I had been receiving care from another practitioner and was healing, but I did not feel completely connected with her or that our energy was dynamic enough. When I walked in to RiverWest I was greeted warmly by Bev and Lisa even though I was calling on them as a sales call! Lisa could immediately see that I was hurting. The words “I need acupuncture” came out of my mouth and Lisa said “I know”. I made an appointment for the next day and have been going back every week since. I would recommend RiverWest Acupuncture to anyone that wants wonderful care both physically and mentally…I’m a client for life!

Auto Injuries and Anxiety

My husband and I started going to RiverWest Acupuncture after being in a car accident in November. I have been dealing with whiplash symptoms and also some anxiety while in the car. After each treatment, I feel less pain and more relaxation and am so happy with the progress I am making.


“A couple of years ago I turned 50, started peri-menopause and after 34 years of being chained to smoking, I decided to quit. These changes in my life started a lot unexpected challenges. I was an enigma to my husband, became irritable, doubted myself when making decisions, cried for no reason, saw myself gaining weight even when I was watching my food intake and working out on a regular basis, and I had inexplicable panic attacks. I went to see my family physician who prescribed me some medication which after two weeks rendered me like a zombie. Needless to say I stopped all medications and went to see Lisa for some acupuncture treatment.

I had gone to see Lisa the previous year for a different treatment. Although dubious at first, I feel that the hours I spend with her help me more each time. Lisa is not only a great healer, but also a confidante, a great listener, an understanding person, and a great friend. With her, I understand that I have a lot to offer in my personal and professional lives. It is a long journey but I am extremely grateful to count Lisa among my support lines.”


I have been going to Riverwest Acupuncture for about six months and Lisa is fantastic. I have been treated for insomnia which has been a problem for close to 12 years. I have had to take Bendaryl 50 mg each night but have been able to cut my dose in half thus far. By December I hope to be drug free! I have also been treated with acupuncture and Chinese herbs for musculoskeletal issues, acute respiratory infections, seasonal allergies, and PMS. I love being treated for a problem without having to deal with the effects of prescribed medications!

The entire clinic is warm and welcoming and the staff makes every effort to accommodate their patients’ various schedules. I believe the treatments and herbs are appropriately priced; in fact, my insurance does not cover acupuncture but I pay out of pocket for awesome therapy! I recommend Riverwest Acupuncture without any reservations!

Cancer Support

I have been a patient of Lisa Francolini for over 15 years. She has helped me in numerous ways to achieve a healthy body and mind. Recently, I was diagnosed with cancer. She and staff were very supportive while I was in treatment. Those at the front desk, who you see first, play such an important role in making the patient feel comfortable. Tina and Bev and staff fulfill that role. I saw them once before each chemo and once after. I believe these back to back acupuncture treatments helped me immensely get through these trying times both emotionally and physically.

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