8 Tips to Avoid Getting Sick

tips to avoid getting sickThe two times a year you don’t want to get a cold

Did you know, in Chinese Medicine, there are two times per year, if you get sick during those times, the sickness takes longer than normal to abate?   This blog explains why that happens, and offers you 8 tips to avoid getting sick during this time period, specifically. 

We are headed into one of the two times during these next three weeks, and we are in the midst of the cold and flu season.  If that is of concern to you, come in and get a preventative treatment.   The practitioners are using a moxabustion technique, commonly called moxa, to warm and tonify the body.  This particular moxa technique is burned in a small moxa box, with a towel between the box and the skin.  It doesn’t burn the skin, so is not at all uncomfortable.  If you would prefer not using the moxa, we can use a TDP lamp with heating oils to create a similar therapeutic effect.  The point of the treatment is to nourish and strengthen the body…. And it feels great as well!  If you don’t have time to come in, then read on for 8 tips to avoid getting sick.

 8 Tips to Avoid Getting Sick

  1. Keep warm; especially keep your neck and chest warm.   Wear turtlenecks and scarfs to fortify those areas.
  2. Do not sleep under an open window at night.
  3. Drink beverages with cinnamon and nutmeg in them; both are warming to the body. 
  4. A soup with a hearty stock (preferably chicken or beef, unless you are vegan) helps nourish and warm the body.
  5. Watch sugar intake, as it creates inflammation.
  6. Keep your hands washed.
  7. Don’t share eating utensils with family members that are sick.
  8. If you work in an office environment, wipe your phone handset down with an antiseptic wipe if the phone is shared. 

Feel free to call and come in for an acupuncture treatment with moxa if you are looking for acupuncture in Portland that will knock the flu out of you quickly.

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