Community Acupuncture Location and Treatment Sessions

At RiverWest Acupuncture, we know there are countless ways to help people.  One of those ways is to offer a Community Acupuncture location.

community acupuncture location

Community Acupuncture: Affordable healthcare for lasting results.
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Our team of Portland acupuncture professionals consistently strive to bring you new programs and offerings that enhance your physical and emotional wellness.

Why we offer a Community Acupuncture location.

We recognize acupuncture treatments may come with steep copay costs.  Recently, more common is to simply be an omitted program from your group or individual health insurance plan.  Our team of Portland acupuncture professionals strive to make acupuncture treatments accessible to all interested parties.  Because, we believe affordability is a barrier to accessibility. Therefore, we introduced our Community Acupuncture Program to eliminate financial hardship for those who cannot otherwise afford acupuncture.  Or to simply make the practice more attractive and convenient to patients at all income levels.

Acupuncture is a holistic health practice.   This means it targets many different aspects of health and wellness, from overall system health to mental and emotional well-being.  There are treatments conducive to addressing;

just to name a few.

Sense of Community

Community acupuncture fosters just that: a sense of community. You are surrounded by individuals who are taking control of their wellness goals by addressing them naturally and proactively. You may even make new friends during your visit to Portland acupuncture clinics that offer community treatment.

Other Community Acupuncture locations

The practice of administering professional acupuncture treatments in intimate, respectful community settings is growing. Organizations such as the Community Acupuncture Project of Seattle and Corvallis Community Acupuncture located in the beautiful Willamette Valley offer similar programs that facilitate an affordable acupuncture program. The idea of “acupuncture for all” supersedes all personal and physical attributes: this program is open to individuals from all walks of life who are seeking a boost to their holistic health goals and overall wellness and vitality.

Community Acupuncture at RiverWest

The Setting

Community Acupuncture is a relatively new offering at our Portland clinic.  We are excited about the evolving interest generated by the program. During Community Acupuncture, up to nine patients gather in a large common room outfitted with comfortable, reclining chairs and meditative accoutrements. Tranquil music plays and soft lighting illuminates the room gracefully. All patients are treated with utmost dignity; participants are fully clothed at all times during the duration of the treatment. The environment fosters a sense of community, filters out the consternation of our stressful world and offers a respite from everyday life in the city.

Symptoms Treated

Community Acupuncture at Riverwest is administered through points on the extremity, scalp or ears. Although we are not able to address every concern in a group setting, we still treat a wide variety of concerns and issues, from weight loss and headaches to relief from anxiety, stress, and chronic pain. The variety of symptoms and concerns being treated in each individual patient are kept absolutely confidential.

The Energy

The group’s pulsating positive energy creates a harmonious glow in the room. Thus you will leave community acupuncture feeling rejuvenated, recharged and at peace with your existence and life itself.  Also, mental clarity will be restored and focus will be sharper.

During treatment, there is minimal talking or noise-making other than the gentle background music. Patients are asked to refrain from speaking to one another during treatment.

Finally, the Community Acupuncture program at Riverwest is one more way we are augmenting the health and wellness of our metropolitan area residents.  More importantly, because of the success of the Community program, we are able to research, innovate and create other new offerings that lend continuity to our patients care.

Our Portland acupuncture clinic offers Community Acupuncture during specific times on Tuesday through Thursday, and additional staggered times on Saturday.  Subsequently, the schedule ensures this program is conveniently offered throughout the week, catering to our patients’ diverse array of timeframes.   Community Acupuncture times are listed on our website.

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