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car accidents acupuncture

Safe and effective treatment for pain and injuries.

An article recently published by regional favorite Willamette Week qualifies the general outlook on Portland traffic. Not only is it aggravating and reaching a highway carrying capacity, it’s claiming more lives than “traditional” murders.  According to this article, Transportation Bureau director Leah Treat articulated that Portland’s burgeoning traffic problem is a “health crisis” that claimed twice as many lives as murders in the Portland metro area.

Creating additional urgency are the miles of antiquated sidewalks and crosswalks where pedestrian alerts are not in place. Subsequently, risking the lives of thousands of folks that traverse Portland’s urban jungle on foot. Bicyclists are also at greater risk when sidewalks are outdated and don’t easily accommodate their spoked, two-wheel ride.

While this article goes on to defend the city’s upcoming street fee, the statistics paint a troubling picture.  Because, traffic is an insidious beast in Portland, and it isn’t going away.  In addition to gridlock, frayed patience and headaches, traffic breeds vehicle crashes and subsequent auto injuries.   Accidents which can yield grave injuries that halt productivity as we know it. Work is missed, household chores are abandoned, errands are abandoned – all in the name of recovery, rehabilitation, and chronic pain.

Read your insurance policy:

In Oregon, personal injury protection (PIP) covers a portion of medical expenses (usually up to $15,000) for associated medical bills. This coverage also extends to bicyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians who are injured in an accident. For additional details on insurance coverage, read our acupuncture for auto accidents info.

Consider holistic treatment:

Exploring acupuncture post-accident is a prudent, proactive decision that can alleviate pain naturally.  This is in comparison to becoming dependent on drugs that only mask symptoms.

Especially relevant is that acupuncture is becoming increasingly popular as a referral from traditional Western doctors.   Some doctors are recognizing traditional applications of medication and painkillers are not always the answer. Some patients discover acupuncture when they have exhausted all other options, are suffering a painful, tenuous existence and healing seems futile.

Oregon PIP treats acupuncture for auto injuries as a reputable, viable treatment option that prevents re-injury.  It also helps stem the spread of pain and spasms. Because acupuncture is a holistic treatment (meaning it targets and treats all aspects of the body’s health functions, from physical to emotional and mental), it is extremely beneficial for patients exhibiting:

❖ Whiplash
❖ Nausea
❖ Equilibrium concerns
❖ Insomnia
❖ Inability to focus
❖ Irritability
❖ Chronic Pain
❖ Stress/Anxiety
❖ Muscle spasms

The application of eastern medicine significantly reduces painful symptoms in patients following car accidents and resulting injuries.

Acupuncturists will often combine treatment with the simultaneous application of an individualized naturopathic regimen.  These can include hand-selected herbs and nutritional assessments.  The combination of these treatments have resulted in increased mental clarity, reduction in anxiety and sleeplessness.  While administered regularly, reduced pain and increased flexibility and mobility.

Acupuncture for auto injuries is covered under many national and locally administered insurance plans. Consult your insurance provider with questions about coverage.

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