Acupuncture Treatment Plan; It’s more than just needles.

Why do I need an Acupuncture Treatment Plan?

acupuncture treatment planHaving an Acupuncture Treatment Plan is an essential component of reaping the best benefits from acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  Knowing when to come in and how often determines the outcome. That’s why we take the time to sincerely explain what course of treatment each individual may need. If someone comes in with severe pain or intense symptoms that prevent them from doing most activities, it is recommended that they come in for treatment 2-3 times per week. This allows them to have relief in the quickest manner possible. If a condition is moderately affecting someone’s life, once or twice a week should suffice. If it’s mild, receiving acupuncture once a week to once a month or once a season should suffice.

Let us help you! Please tell us what’s going on and trust we have a method based on empirical evidence, that has been practiced for millennia.



Acupuncture Treatment Plans in China

In China, insurance companies don’t limit patient visits, so the typical course of treatment is to receive daily acupuncture for 10 days. For acute conditions, this takes one 10 day course, but chronic conditions can require many courses of treatment. But who has time to get acupuncture daily for more than a week, even if we could afford it? But that’s just acupuncture.

It’s not just the Needles; there’s more 

Herbal medicine and supplementation can speed up the healing process, if the diagnosis is accurate and the prescription is precise, and if you’re able and willing to take the medicine as indicated. If herbs or supplements aren’t helping, this may be because of lack of patient compliance. Patient compliance is when you, the patient, patiently and thoughtfully remember to take the supplements as indicated. This can mean taking medicine once a day, up to every few hours, depending on intensity of symptoms needing to be mitigated.

Sometimes we don’t recall all of the complaints we have, or don’t want to burden our medical provider with all of our issues. But this is the only way we can accurately diagnose you. If you say you have back pain, but don’t tell us symptoms you think are unrelated, that prevents healing. When you neglect to inform us that you get up to urinate several times in the night, or that sometimes the pain can refer down your leg, or that your back feels cold and achy, or that it happens the day or week before or after your period, or when you have night-sweats, this prevents us from treating you properly. All of these symptoms require different formulas to treat back pain.  Otherwise, we may prescribe you a less precise formula that can’t help you as much as other herbs will.

And if that doesn’t help, we can use cupping, gua sha, heat lamps, moxibustion, and lifestyle counseling. And the Emotion Code.

If you need massage along with your acupuncture, Sheridan is happy to oblige! She has been a massage therapist for 16 years, and is in her fifth year of teaching massage students at East West College of the Healing Arts. She also does qi gong healing, learned from her teachers, the grandchildren of the doctor of the Last Emperor of China.

Additional Support

If we can’t give you the relief you need, we have a nutritionist, massage therapist, and esthetician here in the building. We also have working relationships with many other medical providers, therapists, life coaches, and more. And if it’s more practical stuff that is getting you down, we also have friends who are great attorneys, bankers, brokers, real estate agents, chefs, dog walkers, etc.


We are a community of health and resources. Please partner with us.

Remember, suffering is optional, and over-rated!


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