Acupuncture in Portland helps digestion: It’s THAT time of year!

Acupuncture in Portland helps Digestion

Acupuncture in Portland heals digestionThis time of year is like the trifecta of digestion upset.   It can start with Halloween candy.  It continues with Thanksgiving, and then finishes off with Christmas.   And those are the big players.   In between that is the increased amount of holiday parties, New Years, Pumpkin Spice lattes, etc.   Acupuncture in Portland helps digestion and smooth out the inconsistencies. 

What happens to us at this time of year?

We are influenced and we go unconscious. Part of the influence is affected by the perception and some reality, that this is the only time of the year we can get candy canes, pumpkin pie, and unlimited turkey with stuffing and gravy.   The whole concept is to eat and be merry. Because it’s a limited time frame, it creates a deadline, and the thought of, this isn’t going to last, so I better get it while the getting is good.

How TCM looks at it

In Traditional Chinese medicine, the stomach and the heart are really correlated, and the spleen is the stomach’s partner in digestion.   If there is a fear of, “ I’ll never get this again.”   Or if we are worried or anxious around,  “What am I going to eat and keep healthy?” “How much weight am I going to gain?” can send us right over the edge.    Because the perception is,  I can only get these at this time of year.   We’ve made the holidays all about food, and we won’t get this again.  And then, advertising speaks to that scarcity by proclaiming, Limited Time Only.   We get more worried and then more gluttonous.

Why is our digestive system  affected so  much?

Increased sugar, increased eating amounts, more fats, and richer foods adds up to stuckness. The body can only process so much.  Thus we gain our statistical 10 lbs over the holiday. The increase in sugars, flours, fats, and dairy, all increase inflammation.   Increase of inflammation shows up as

  • increased Joint pain,
  • restless sleep,
  • irritability,
  • anxiety.

Add to that, the stress that holidays bring around family relationships and expectations. I have to go shopping for gifts.  Must we still get that nephew a present?  Whose house do we go to for the Holiday dinner?    All those anxiety producing questions effect digestion.

They also affect our minds, as we worry about what could happen, what happened last year when you made that decision, what should they have done, why didn’t we see that coming, etc., etc., etc. And that keeps us from staying present, and enjoying the moment.

Tools we use at RiverWest Acupuncture in Portland

DMI – Tool #1

Because this is more complex than we can even realize, at RiverWest Acupuncture in Portland, we sort it out by using The Digital Meridian Imaging (DMI). The DMI measures each of the 12 meridians, and correlates how they are all working, or not, together.  The DMI report helps the acupuncturist to select the treatment plan that will be tailored specifically to your body.

Let’s look at how it all ties together.

We eat in a way that creates havoc with our system.   That includes predominantly stomach and spleen.  In Chinese Medicine, the digestive system is like a second brain.  So the more we worry and try to figure things out and what gifts to buy, it can have negative impact on our digestion.   The element for Stomach and Spleen is Earth element and the Emotion is Worry.   The Earth element also go along with Community, Family and belonging.  Having digestion issues give us cognitive issues.   So it’s important to enjoy the taste of the food and hold off on our brains going everywhere.

Curing Pills – Tool #2

As we eat all the different dishes, and drink different alcohols than we usually do, digestion becomes more complex. That automatically has an impact on digestion.  We carry Curing Pills that are specially designed for celebrations.  So you can have banquets, and eat all the different things and drink things and the curing pills help to support the digestion, prevent hangovers, and harmonize our bodies so we can continue to interact with friends, family and loved ones.

There is a Qi Gong quote that says “Think less.” I love that advice around this particular time of the year.   And when you can’t quite turn your brain and worry off, then come on in, get balanced, and enjoy the next two months.

Tracy Siegel, MPH, NTP – Tool #3

nutritionIf you need some support around eating and making choices that support you throughout the holiday season, talk to Tracy.   Tracy will meet you where you are and can simply help you by doing some education around tricks that can help you.  Or she can actually help you with meal plans that will support you.   She is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about what she does.  Click more nutrition information.

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