Can Acupuncture Help Me Lose Weight

can acupuncture help me lose weightWhen you step on the scale, you probably don’t think “Can acupuncture help me lose weight?”  However, of the many benefits acupuncture can provide, it can also help you lose those extra pounds you’ve been hoping to lose. Acupuncture stimulates hormones and parts of the body and brings back balance, allowing you to lose weight more quickly and naturally. Combine acupuncture treatments with regular exercise, proper diet, and adequate sleep, and you are much more apt to shed the pounds and reach your ideal weight.


Can Acupuncture Help Me Lose Weight? Here are the 4 ways:

1. Stimulates and repairs hormonal imbalances.

Some people suffer from obesity and being overweight due to hormone imbalance. An uncontrolled appetite and excessive eating can result from a gratuitous amount of the hormones leptin and insulin in the body. If you’ve tried exercising, eating right, and getting enough vitamins and rest, you may want to seek expertise into whether a hormonal imbalance is to blame. If so, acupuncture can help you balance these hormonal disparities and help you have more successful weight loss results. In Chinese Medicine, acupuncture has been found to be very useful in reducing the levels of leptin and insulin. When your body is in hormonal balance, it will be able to digest fats and carbohydrates properly and more efficiently.

2. Improves the efficiency of your liver.

Acupuncture can also help you lose weight by improving the efficiency and function of your liver. Proper liver function can help your body more efficiently digest and break down foods into energy. Not only does this cause less food to be stored and accumulated as fat, but can help limit your appetite because your body will be able to obtain more nutrients and sustenance from the foods you are taking in. By receiving regular acupuncture treatments, your liver will function more efficiently, helping you reduce your food cravings and excessive eating habits.

3. Reduces your stress levels.

Have you ever found yourself reaching for foods that are high in fats and sugars when you’re stressed? This is because stress limits your ability to control food cravings, and in fact, can trigger cravings for certain high-carb, fatty foods –think comfort food. In studies, stress is considered one of the most important factors in triggering obesity. When you have high stress level, you usually tend to eat a lot of foods with minimum control. Acupuncture can be used to relax your mind and body, reducing your stress level significantly. By lowering your stress levels, you should have better control over your cravings and your daily consumption.

4. Increases your metabolism.

Acupuncture can also stimulate your weight loss program by increasing your metabolism. Acupuncture not only helps your liver work more efficiently but also other parts of your body. With your body working more efficiently to digest foods and store energy, this promotes your metabolism to also work more productively. A good body metabolism can also improve the blood flow in your body. When you have good blood flow, nutrients, such as proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, are distributed more effectively throughout the body. Good blood circulation can help you lose your weight quickly.

Acupuncture, paired with certain lifestyle changes, can be an effective and safe way to boost your weight loss program. Even though the holidays are coming up, there’s no reason to give up on losing weight and resign to having a “winter body.” Now is as good of a time as any to schedule an appointment at RiverWest Acupuncture in Portland, Oregon, and boost your weight loss plan. Your body deserves to not only be without stress and pain but also healthy.

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