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acupuncture for car accidents

How Acupuncture for Car Accidents Injuries Helps

Car accidents are unfortunately an inevitable part of commuting and can happen in an instant.   Often, when we get in a car accident, we disregard and ignore any minor aches and discomfort we feel.  We chalk it up to not being a big deal. However, receiving medical attention for any pains after an accident, no matter how small, is incredibly important.  Using acupuncture for car accidents injuries to treat your aches and pains quickly after the accident is a good practice.  It can assure a shorter recovery time and prevent long-term residual health concerns.

Speed affects when injuries show up

People experience different forms of injuries based on the type of accident that has occurred. Low velocity car accidents, which occur at speeds less than 10 MPH, usually result in muscle strain, seat belt bruises, or delayed onset of pain and stiffness. Often times, injuries from a low velocity accident will not manifest right at the time of the accident, but up to 1-2 days afterwards. High velocity car accidents, which is an accident that occurs at a speed greater than 10 MPH, usually cause the same type of injuries as low velocity but at a greater severity. Some injuries that a high velocity accident can cause are head trauma (brain bleeding), Shoulder/Knee Trauma, Contusions (cuts), Bone Fractures, Muscle Sprains, or Concussions.

Hidden Injuries of Low Velocity Accidents

Though high velocity accidents can cause more severe injuries, lower velocity accidents can be equally as damaging, as they have more of a chance of resulting in hidden injuries that appear days afterwards. A person can inadvertently make their injuries worse but engaging in physical activity, unaware that they had any injuries to begin with. It is because of the risk of hidden injuries that it is always recommended that you visit the ER immediately after an accident to evaluate for any potential life-threatening injuries. If any injuries are found, you can immediately be prescribed treatment that can aid recovery such as massage, physical therapy, pain medication, or acupuncture for car accidents.

Reduces Pain

Acupuncture for car accident injuries is a viable treatment because it is holistic and reduces pain. Receiving acupuncture for car accidents helps to diminish inflammation and pain quickly. Which, in turn allows the body to heal with more ease. Along with treating aches and pains caused by an accident, acupuncture for car accident injuries can also help prevent re-injury. Because acupuncture is a holistic treatment, it’s used to treat injuries like whiplash, muscle spasm, and equilibrium concerns.  It is also effective in treating emotional issues resulting from the accident such as anxiety, PTSD, and stress. Combining acupuncture treatments with Western practices can greatly benefit a patient’s pain relief and healing.

Benefits of Acupuncture for Car Accident

One of the aspects of acupuncture for car accidents that makes it so effective is that it’s a passive therapy.  As a result, it can be better initial treatment than massage, chiropractic care, or physical therapy. The reason this is true is because patients are not stretched, moved, realigned, or adjusted in any way during acupuncture treatment. This is crucial as it prevents the chance of hidden injuries becoming aggravated during treatment. Exercise, stretching, and spinal adjustment that occurs immediately following an automobile accident can often cause more pain and inflammation. And unlike with pain medications, acupuncture alleviates pain naturally.  Thus there is no chance of patients becoming dependent or addicted to medications to relieve pain.

Car Insurance Coverage for Car Accidents

If you are considering acupuncture for car accident injuries but are concerned about the potential price, have no fear. PIP Car insurance covers acupuncture treatments.  Call if you’ve been in an accident recently and you start to feel aches and pains as a result. An acupuncturist can recommend a course of treatment that will best ensure that your body heals.

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