Acupuncture can help you feel younger

Did you know Acupuncture can help you feel younger


Acupuncture can help you feel youngerDo you look 40 and feel 60?  Acupuncture can help you feel younger.  In my practice, one of the reasons for this phenomena, I believe, is how people do or do not take care of themselves and make their health a priority.

  •  –   How bad do you have to feel before you do something about it?
  •  –   When do you seek out treatment? ONLY when you are in unbearable pain or wretchedly sick?
  •  –   Do you ignore yourself and bare it when you are feeling blah?
  •  –   Do you know what or how you want to feel? Or is simply feeling “not miserable” okay?


It’s an event or an accident

I had an experience recently that brought this to my attention.   I was at a Ducks game and tripped on someone else’s feet causing a very hard fall onto the cement.  In the past I would have jumped up and said I’m ok, as long as I could hobble.  And in a week or two when all the pain went away, then I’d proclaim myself “all better.”

This time, I did not do that.  First I stayed on the ground and checked out my body to make sure all the pieces are parts were there and functioning.  Then I immediately went and did energy work on the side of my body that I had fallen on.  When I got home that night I took Chinese herbs, and on Monday I got an acupuncture treatment. I had NO bruising, and had little to no effect from the fall.


It comes on gradually

Sometimes it’s just doing the little things for our health that can make a difference.  How do those little things make a big impact on how we feel?   I will give you an example of how things can slowly deteriorate without us being aware of it.   Bev was having some issues with pain in her hands and feet in the mornings, or after long periods of inactivity.   It’s a hormonal issue with some underlying things going on, which is not the point here.   Someone suggested a product that had helped them.   She took it for about 6 weeks and it did not help the hands and feet, but what she noticed one day is that she did not have some of the other nagging joint pain that she had simply gotten used to.   Yes, she would mention it sometimes but it wasn’t so bad that it stopped her from doing things.   But once it wasn’t there, she was really appreciating the lack of pain.   And the nagging presence of the pain had come on slowly, so she didn’t really notice it so much.  Once it was gone, then she’s realized, how much better she felt without it.

The new challenge that we are working on here at RiverWest Acupuncture is to help our patients take their health to the next level. We do that in a variety of ways.   One of the most important things that I do is to simply stop and LISTEN to my patients.

So ask yourself: Are you being STOIC around your health?  Do you have the attitude that I’m fine?   Or do you feel absolutely fantastic!!?  Check in and let us see what you need and how we can help you.  And if we can’t, then who can we refer you to that can help you.

Questions to help you evaluate yourself

  1. How strong are you?
    1. Can you get up and down off the floor?
    2. Do you get in and out of bed without pain?
  2. How Active are you?
    1. Can you run around with your kids, your grandkids, your nieces and nephews?  Or is that not an option because you don’t have the strength or mobility to do that.
    2. Do you wish you had the energy of the kids?
    3. Are your horizons broadening or are they narrowing because of how you feel?

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