Lisa C. Francolini, L.Ac.

Area of Specialty: Women 50+ Thriving

Lisa C Francolini, L.Ac., Owner, Acupuncturist in Portland

As an acupuncturist in Portland, Lisa has always been guided by a deep sense of service to the world.  Starting at the young age of four, she was already affected by those who seemed to have less than.  They could be down on their luck, in pain, lack food or a warm enough coat.  Consequently, Lisa wanted to help them.

The Beginning of What Shaped Her

At six, her younger brother suffered serious health issues that hospitalized him. The anguish her parent’s felt during that time, and the way her brother struggled, served to shape her and left an indelible impression on her life. She knew with total confidence she was meant to help others.

Started in the Western Medicine Model

Lisa spent 17 years working in Western Medicine.  First as an administrator for a Yale-affiliated psychiatric department in Connecticut.  Then she moved on as Executive Director of two different non-profit organizations.  The first was in a geriatric community, the next was for developmentally disabled community.  And while she made a significant impact on many lives, she wanted a more hands-on touch.

One day she happened to get an acupuncture treatment from a friend going to acupuncture school.   Because of that experience, Lisa had an epiphany.

After spending 17 years working in Western Medicine: “Acupuncture is where I need to be.”

A Passion for Transformative Healing in Portland Through Acupuncture

Upon graduating from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 1995, Lisa opened her own practice of acupuncture in Portland. Her vision was to use the ancient healing tradition of acupuncture to provide patients an alternative to healthcare that would be transformational.  Thus, over the last 20+ years, Lisa has mastered her craft in seeing over 5,200 patients for over a total of 55,000 visits.

Why the passion for helping Women 50+ thrive?

Over the years, her passion has turned to focus on helping women thrive and be vibrant as they age.  This particular passion is near to her heart, since she’s had to walk it herself.  Particularly since, after reaching 50, Lisa began to notice that her health had shifted.  It had happened slowly, a bit at a time.  Then one day she realized, I simply don’t feel as good as I used to.  As a result, she has used her medicine to work her way back to feeling vibrant again.  And, she loves to share what she’s learned with her patients.

Thought Leader in Her Field

In 2007, Lisa had a desire to serve at a deeper level. That is when she implemented Relational Acupuncture®, into her practice.

Relational Acupuncture® re-imagines the traditional practice of acupuncture by bringing it into a collective setting. By channeling the collective energy of multiple patients, it contributes to a deeper, faster, more powerful healing process for each member of the group.

Lisa feels that “Suffering is 1 – optional, and 2 – overrated.” We invite you to schedule an appointment with Lisa today — call 503-246-0103.

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