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how does breath calm us

How does breath calm us?

December 14, 2017

Anxiety, Breathe, Calm How does breath calm us?  Why does such a simple, basic human function, done in a specific way, work so well in redirecting our day?  And for some people, helps redirect their entire life.  I wondered about this because of the way I started my morning. I found myself running around this morning.  The previous night, I had gone to […]

can acupuncture help arthritis

Can acupuncture help arthritis?

December 7, 2017

Do you remember when your grandparents complained about their arthritis as the weather changed? Or as you age, you feel a little creakier and chalk it up to arthritis.  the term Arthritis is often used, but do you really understand it?  In this blog, we look at the following questions. What exactly is arthritis?  What causes it?  How does Western […]

Acupuncture in Portland and Life Lessons

Acupuncture in Portland Life Lessons in Kitchen Repair

November 28, 2017

This week’s blog comes to us from another guest blogger, Irene Laney.   Irene teaches yoga on Monday nights here at RiverWest Acupuncture in Portland and Life Lessons in Kitchen Repair is what this blog explores.    Her previous blog has the “before” pictures, and it adds meaning once you see the “after” pictures shown here.  Please read on and enjoy. Life Lessons […]

tips for eating during the holidays

6 Tips for Eating during the Holidays

November 21, 2017

This is our follow up blog from a couple of weeks ago about Acupuncture and Digestion. It’s official, the holidays are officially upon us. Thursday is Thanksgiving! How do you plan to celebrate?  For many, the holidays are spent surrounded by family and friends; laughing, drinking, cooking and eating copious amounts of delicious food.  Fun fact: Did you know it […]

how to sleep better after daylight savings

How to sleep better after daylight savings

November 14, 2017

Feeling sluggish and rundown?   Are you wondering why?   Other than the usual things that we face daily that make us feel exhausted.    This week in the clinic, 80% of the patients we saw, related that they were feeling rundown and sluggish; more so than normal.   We assign part of the blame onto the recent change in the time. And, we recommend […]


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