6 Tips for Eating during the Holidays

This is our follow up blog from a couple of weeks ago about Acupuncture and Digestion.

tips for eating during the holidaysIt’s official, the holidays are officially upon us. Thursday is Thanksgiving! How do you plan to celebrate?  For many, the holidays are spent surrounded by family and friends; laughing, drinking, cooking and eating copious amounts of delicious food.  Fun fact: Did you know it is estimated that the average person consumes 4,500 calories during a Thanksgiving meal? (Just to offer some perspective, that’s the equivalent of eating two large Domino’s sausage and pepperoni pizzas).   During the holidays, many find themselves in a consistent pattern of over-indulgence. With all the parties, events and ‘treats’ around us, how to we stay healthy and make good choices?  With that change of eating pattern, here are 6 tips for eating during the holidays.

6 Tips for Eating During the Holidays

  1. Focus on gratitude.

    Evidence shows that people who are grateful have increased physical and psychological health, they sleep better and experience less anger and aggression. Expressing gratitude before a meal also improves the digestive process.

  2. Exercise.

    Exercise helps reduce stress, improve mood and promotes weight loss. We also tend to make better food choices when we exercise. Get outside if you can, being in nature reduces blood pressure, anxiety and increases vitality.

  3. Stay hydrated.

    The health benefits of water are endless. It aids with weight loss, reduces heart burn and boosts energy. Did you know that many people mistake thirst for hunger?  This holiday season, if you are craving a ‘sweet treat’ have a glass of water first and see what happens.

  4. Eat slowly and chew your food completely:

    Good digestion is imperative to optimal health. When we do not properly chew our food, the body must work extra hard to break down those food particles often resulting in digestion distress. Chew more, eat less.

  5. Mindfulness:

    Create awareness as to why you are eating. Are you hungry or is it for emotional reasons? If you are eating reasons other than hunger, do something else.  Go for a walk, call a friend or journal about your feelings.  Changing patterns and behaviors are essential to maintaining good health.

  6. Food Choices;

    Given the caloric intake referenced in the fun fact;  You can reduce this by eating more turkey and vegetables and less carbohydrate rich foods. (Stuffing,    potatoes, sweet potato pie)…. but in the end, enjoy!!

Whatever you do this holiday season, be good to yourself and others. Talk to yourself like you would someone you love. Spread kindness wherever you go.  Be the change you want to see.  Be generous.  Help those in need.  Spread love.





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