Relational Acupuncture ®


What is Relational Acupuncture?

Meld the power of togetherness with the power of intention and you have Relational Acupuncture ®.  Consequently, it is a process that gives people a powerful new channel for reaching their life goals.  So, those goals can range from pursuing a new career path, finding an ideal partner, freeing buried creativity, to healing from a loss.

Relational Acupuncture ® was pioneered by RiverWest Acupuncture Owner, Lisa Francolini L.Ac.  It’s purpose is to  help people uncover their desires and achieve their goals.  Thus, it is conducted in a warm, collective setting where group intentions and acupuncture treatments empower each other. While group energy strengthens the treatments, the treatments strengthen the group energy.  As a result, outcomes are elevating traditional acupuncture to a new, rapid and often awe-inspiring level of effectiveness.

The Logistics of Relational Acupuncture ®

In practical terms, Relational Acupuncture ® brings together a handful of individuals once a week, for either six or eleven weeks.  First of all, each participant sets a specific intention for the series.  Additionally,  they share their progress over the weeks.  Subsequently, participants witness his or her intention become reality.  Finally, for many, it is truly a life-changing experience.

Our Foundational series brings up to five patients together for six shared sessions.  Each session reveals an introductory concept of our Relational Acupuncture ® process. Once a patient has attended a Foundational series, they are eligible to attend one of our advanced eleven weeks series.   Wherein learning around intention and manifestation is deepened.

Our experience has taught us that by focusing the positive intentional thoughts and statements of the group on a given patient’s need, the healing power of traditional acupuncture is magnified exponentially.

Results from past Relational Acupuncture ® series

The transformations here are outright inspiring. Past intentions that have been successfully manifested include:

  • Finding and buying a dream home
  • Selling a home that had been on the market for a long time
  • Finding the next career that she was passionate about
  • An artist released blocks that kept her from painting
  • Generating one’s life passion
  • Weight Loss
  • Optimized Health

Relational Acupuncture ® is one of those experiences that simply must be experienced to fully understand it’s power and effectiveness.  Contact us for our next series start date.

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