Present Time Mind Gem


This Mind Gem is called TOUCH TOP OF HEAD

I have an easy tool for you to use to calm the nerves that are so often associated with “networking events.” It’s easy, it’s powerful, and it’s effective. Because let’s face it, for most of us, networking can be a little stressful. And, wouldn’t you rather show up and be able to be in service to folks rather than being a nervous wreck?

It brings attention to present time.

Cover the soft spot on the top of your head with the fingers of your right hand. Hold 12 seconds. The switch and cover the soft spot on top of your head with fingers of your left hand. Hold 12 seconds.


  • Do not look at a clock and time yourself.
  • Hold what you feel is 12 seconds.
  • Breathe while you are holding.
  • If you leading other people, they do the same thing.
  • No talking once you’ve explained what they are to do.
  • When you are done, be present to the shift in energy.

So, try this right before for your next networking event and see if it helps ground you so you are able to receive the most value out of your networking experience!

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