Summer Stress Syndrome – Do you know it?

summer stress syndrome

…along with the incredible weather, have you started to feel the summer madness?

You may be thinking, “Which madness is she referring to? There are several that I can think of….”

What is summer stress syndrome?

I’m talking about the summer time madness, and this heat adds to the rest of the craziness that happens in summer: the graduations, weddings, BBQ’s, family reunions, camps, and the list goes on and on and on. These are fun and exciting events and we look forward to them each year. Sometimes they come with a fair amount of stress, ESPECIALLY if you are the host.

Good and Bad Stress

The interesting thing about excitement and anxiety is that there is a thin line between them and they can feel the same way in our belly. Have you noticed that? You may have heard me say before that your body does not distinguish between good butterflies and the icky butterflies. Often this is created because we are trying to cram soooo many things into summer. A little time management and self care can help tremendously. Come and see us for some acupuncture.   We’ll keep the appointments timely AND take care of you.

But we just want fun!

Remember Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?’ The same is true today. And guys just wanna have fun. And kids just wanna have fun. Here are five tips for having fun this summer.

5 tips for Fun

1. Be mindful about over-scheduling. (Breathe) 
2. Remember, there really is enough time. Lack of time is just our perception. (Breathe) 
3. Ask for support; asking can create amazing results.(Breathe) 
4.The Universe is friendly, and really does want you to have fun. (Breathe) 
5. Keep hydrated. (Breathe, not while you are hydrating)

Sometimes changing our perspective can make all the difference.

How Chinese Medicines sees Summer

Here is the Chinese Medicine perspective on summer. When summer hits, and the heat rises, we turn on the A/C. We go from hot to cold to hot to cold all day long. That kind of variation can create alternating digestive issues, increased aches and pains, and the illusion of an allergy attack. We also tend to use fans more. Fans create wind, and Chinese Medicine calls wind the most evil of all pathogenic influences. Once it enters the body it stirs up everything else so that blood doesn’t fill the vessels smoothly throughout the body. This imbalance causes all of the above symptoms. Our treatment strategy is to nourish and move the blood so that it fills the vessels, and leaves you protected from future wind invasions

Oh, and by the way…HAVE FUN!

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