Seeing Colors During Acupuncture: An Unexpected Experience

seeing colors during acupuncture

During an acupuncture treatment, it is not uncommon for patients to experience unexpected, even peculiar sensations during the procedure. Some people feel heaviness, tingling sensations, or even feelings of floating out-of body. However, there are some who experience an even more strange effect as a result of going under the acupuncture needle: seeing color.

Patients Report Seeing Colors During Acupuncture

Now, the question of skepticism seems obvious. How can seeing colors during acupuncture treatments be real? Well, no suitable answer seems to have been provided on the matter, so the question remains. Yet time and time again, patients have reported experiencing the peculiar phenomenon. Within acupuncture forums, posts about seeing color during treatment can be found consistently across various boards.

Those who have seen color during acupuncture, report the experience occurring upon insertion of the acupuncture needles. Some may see only a couple points of color that vary across the color spectrum, from red to purple.   Others may see color that expands entirely across their field of vision or even hundreds of tiny explosions of color. Colors may change in intensity or fade between colors, or fade out entirely before reappearing as a new vivid shade. Some patients may even experience different color expressions based on what points of the body are being treated with needles.

One Theory: It is linked to Indian Chakra System

Some people in the field of alternative healing have made the effort to link the colors patients see to the seven colors of the Indian chakra system. Therefore, if a patient reports seeing a certain color, such as blue, that color is linked to the coordinating chakra and its related body parts. According to Indian chakra system, orange and red are symbols for the reproductive organs and psychologically means of survival.  Yellow represents the solar plexus and the digestion system.  Green symbolizes the heart chakra, and blue symbolizes the throat chakra.  Purple or white for the top chakra, which is the highest conscious level.

Some have even go so far as to incorporate this methodology as a way of enhancing healing. No studies have been shown to support this ideology. However, for some, interpreting the colors they see during treatment provides a soothing, intuitive way to mediate and understand their healing process.

Some Do and Some Don’t

It is uncertain why some people see color during acupuncture treatments while others do not. Some have come to speculate that people who can see colors during needling are more creative or sensitive.  Therefore, they are prone to having a better perception and intuition to these type of experiences and expressions. However, others simply consider seeing color as a reaction of the patient falling into REM sleep and dreaming.

Many patients do fall asleep during acupuncture due to its calming, relaxing effects.  This is especially true for patients who are lacking sleep.  Thus, it is probable that the experience of seeing fluid moving colors is simply a dream state that they have entered. Even for those that don’t fall asleep during treatment, it is possible for a patient to fall into a “drowsy” state.  A state where they are not asleep, but have slipped into a deep state of relaxation. This is where dream-like sensations or visions can be possibly experienced.

Regardless of the cause, those who have had the experience of seeing color during acupuncture treatments have described the experience as a positive, soothing experience. To some, the colors represent that the acupuncture is working its magic in moving qi energy within the body. To others, the colors provide a tool to lull them further into a state of relaxation during the process. Many have described the movement of colors as delightful, lively yet enchanting.

Every person who goes in for acupuncture is going to experience and react to treatment a little differently, but one thing remains the same; acupuncture is a complex method of healing that still holds many mysteries of its effects on the body that we have yet to decipher. To receive your own acupuncture for healing, visit RiverWest in Portland Oregon.

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