Olympic Athletes use Acupunture

Acupuncture works! Ask the Olympians! Been catching any of the Olympics this year? Pretty inspiring, huh?  Olympic Athletes use Acupuncture to help them fortify and heal their bodies; reducing stress and anxiety, and helping them attain their greatest achievements. These professionals are experiencing less pain and anxiety, greater flexibility, balance, and coordination. 

3 Olympic Athletes Use Acupuncture

Canadian snowboarding medal-winner Mark McMorris, used his team of Acupuncture, massage therapy, and physical therapy to overcome a broken rib and win the Bronze medal. MVP Olympic Volleyball spiker Kim Yeon-Koun states that “I have had lots of physical therapy, which takes a long time to affect a cure, but Oriental therapy works faster. My pain halved after a day.” Runner Dee Dee Trotter even brought her Acupuncturist to the 2012 Games calling him part of her “insurance policy.” 

How can we use their professional insights to help us become our own Olympiads?  I came up with 5 strategies to be our best Olympic selves:

5 Strategies to be your best Olympic self


Commitment to ourselves and things that inspire us. A commitment to expanding our comfort zone, learning new things, and going beyond what we already know. These athletes do the most daring things.  They have fallen and gotten hurt a million times before it works.  But they are committed to success and they keep their eyes on the goal.  

Work with what you have

Things are never going to be 100% perfect, never. A ‘Perfect 10’ still has imperfections. Notice where you are at the moment and focus on the outcome, not the obstacles in the way. Believe in yourself and your skills with absolute conviction!


Visualize the goal. Seeing your triumph happen before it does is absolutely necessary to achieving your goal. Therefore, visualize often and believe it. Put up notes all around the house that inspires you. Make it fun. And say ‘thank you and goodbye’ to any negative thoughts – give them a free pass to the movies if they want drama.


Be present in the very moment and observe your body sensations and thoughts without judgment. It keeps you tuned-in to what is happening, allows for simple adjustments to address anything that arises, and helps the body learn to go with the flow effortlessly. 

Build your medical team:

Most of us have our coughs, colds, flus, anxieties, aches and pains, and sometimes serious injuries and ailments. Olympians have them too. We all have better things to do than be sick. As Sweet Brown sings, “ain’t nobody got time for that!” So, how do these Olympiads bounce back from injuries and illnesses quickly?  Because they build a team to help them. Many Olympiads, as listed above, use a medical team consisting of Acupuncture, massage and physical therapy. Acupuncture helps with pain relief, muscle relaxation, faster healing, energy enhancement, better sleep, calms nerves, and improves blood flow to the heart and organs. That’s something we can all benefit from!

This is a previous post that is appropriate at any time.  Thus, I thought it was time to review the 5 strategies for our everyday lives.

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