Boost Your Immune System with Acupuncture

boost your immune system with acupuncture

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Boost Your Immune System with Acupuncture

When you want to be healthy in your daily life,  you practice lifestyle choices that promote your body’s health. A healthy body can help you avoid health problems such as catching a cold/flu or developing a headache. Acupuncture can be a perfect way to help support your body’s overall health. With treatment, you can boost your immune system with acupuncture.  As a result, it strengthens your body’s health and ability to fight off illnesses. In this article, we will cover five ways that acupuncture promotes and improves health in different parts of your body.  The result is fortifying your immune system and your ability to stay healthy and free of illnesses.

1. Acupuncture can improve blood circulation in your body.

Improved blood circulation is am important benefit from having regular acupuncture sessions. Acupuncture effectively improves the blood circulation in your body, which is helpful for improving your immune system naturally. Good blood circulation distributes white blood cells in your body more evenly. These white blood cells help your body control and stop the growth of harmful microorganisms and viruses. By triggering the correct pressure points, acupuncture strengthens your immune system.  This allows your body will to be able to fight off health issues more effectively.

2. Acupuncture is good for your digestive system.

When you receive regular acupuncture treatments, it can improve the functioning of your digestive system function. A properly functioning digestive system can help you more effectively absorb nutrients from your daily meals. When you eat food with lots of nutrients regularly, your body has access to proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids, and other necessary nutrients that are good for it. These stores of nutrients help to support your immune system, as well as provide your body with the fuel it needs to fight against colds, influenza, and other health concerns.

3. Acupuncture can relax your mind naturally.

Some colds and illnesses can be caused and exacerbated by high-stress levels. If you want to be able to fight against colds quickly, you should learn how to reduce your stress. Acupuncture is excellent at alleviating your stress levels without medications or other invasive procedures. Acupuncture usually leaves clients feeling relaxing and comfortable for days after treatment. It boosts feelings of happiness and promotes positive mind health. When you are relaxed and free from stress, it strengthens your immune system, making your body more capable at combating illnesses.

4. Acupuncture improves your body’s metabolism.

With treatment, acupuncture can also improve your body’s metabolism can. A good body metabolism can stimulate increased production of white blood cells to your body’s immune system. As a result, the extra white blood cells help to fortify your immune system.  This, in turn,  makes you less likely to fall victim to the cold or flu.

5. Acupuncture keeps all your body’s hormones in balance.

Acupuncture treatments help to keep all your hormones in balance. Keeping your body balanced helps it to be better prepared to handle illness and to stay healthy. Hormones are how your brain tells different parts of your body to perform certain duties, which can include cell production or maintaining body temperature, all in an effort to maintain proper homeostasis with the body as a whole. With balanced hormones, your brain will effectively be able to regulate your body’ production of certain cells and antibodies necessary to fight off illness. Balanced hormones also mean a far less likely chance of another illness developing within the body as a direct result of hormonal imbalances.

Have your acupuncturist assist you in boosting your immune system

Acupuncture provides many benefits that promote health and wellness within the body, keeping you healthy from colds and illnesses. This is particularly very important as we approach flu season in October. RiverWest Acupuncture in Portland is a wonderful clinic that offers great service and prioritizes our clients’ health. Contact our acupuncture clinic in Portland to book your appointment with our amazing acupuncture experts. RiverWest Acupuncture in Portland is ready to help improve your health and boost your immune system with acupuncture so you can best fight against illnesses this flu season.

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