Four Acupuncture Points For Winter Health

one of four acupuncture points for winter healthFour Acupuncture Points for Winter Health

One thing about the winter season is that it is too cold outside to have many meaningful exercises. You cannot engage in many sports, and many people find themselves staying at home, sleeping, watching TV, and eating. Winter is also a very bad season for people who are trying to lose weight because of all the food and sweets available during this time of year due to holidays. During this time, your neighbors will offer you cookies. Your family will make Thanksgiving turkeys, and all kinds of foods will be available. It is difficult to ensure that you are not consuming too much unhealthy foods. With acupuncture, however, you can stop yourself from overeating and maintain a healthy weight throughout the festivities without really having to feel bad about refusing meals cooked with love.  Here are four acupuncture points for winter health.

One thing you will learn at Riverwest Acupuncture is that poor balance of energy and lack of the correct energy flow are the main reasons for weight gain. This lack of balance causes your hypothalamus to react in a way that makes you feel hungry all the time, giving you digestion problems and weight gain you did not really want to begin with. There are points in your body that you can press at home that will help ensure that you are not gaining weight, are staying healthy and balanced all through the winter season. Even with these secret points, It does not mean that you can eat whatever you want. You still need to maintain a healthy diet and a sensible exercising pattern.

Stomach 36

This is a body point that is located right below the knee. It is about 3 inches below the depression in the outer parts of the knee about 1 inch to the side of the shinbone. It is amongst the most important points in the body and is responsible for the genera help of the body. In Chinese medical expertise, people above 50 years old are required to press this point every day. Not only does this point increase the number of white blood cells in your body and thus boosting your immunity, it is also know to lower your blood pressure. In relation to your weight gain during winter, this point is known to improve your digestion and thus reducing common festivities problems like gas, bloating, constipation, gurgling stomach. It is also great for raising your energy levels so you can exercise better without feeling lethargic.

Large Intestine 4

This is a point located in your hand at the web between your pointer finger and your thumb. It is usually tender when pressed on. This is a great point for reliving pain at any point in the body. It is known to help reduce the amount of anesthesia needed during surgery in china. The holiday season is a stressful time for some people. As a way to prevent stress eating, you should press this point to help reduce your stress and keep you feeling happier.

Spleen 6

The spleen 6 is located at the inner side of the lower leg just 3 inches above the ankle bone at the lower edge of the shin bone. This is the most important point when it comes to helping your digestion system work optimally. It is also a great point to help you boost your energy and increase your blood flow. Increased energy also increases your metabolism allowing your body to use up the soared energy it had keeping you at a weigh you wanted. The increased blood flow also helps in the reduction of fat storage by the body. You will also feel less stressed and are likely to sleep deeper and longer which is great for your overall health.


This is the space between the eyebrows. If you press this point as you take deep breaths you are likely to feel very happy and relaxed. These feelings will relieve any tension in your body allowing you to feel happier for longer. When your body is relaxed, you will be able to perform other physiological function properly and thus you will be able to be happy healthy and keep all that weight at bay.

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