Acupuncture in Portland Oregon paired with Technology

Acupuncture in Portland Oregon taking a deeper dive

We’ve been talking about getting a Digital Meridian Imaging.  That would be acupuncture in Portland Oregon paired with technology.   But really, why would you want to get one and what does it do for you?   Let me answer some questions about that and specifically WHY you would want to get one.

What is it?

A computerized tool used to analyze and document the energetic status of the acupuncture meridians.  It combines the latest in technology with acupuncture, an ancient medicine bringing the best of both worlds.  The picture below is one of the many visual outputs that it helpfully generates.

Acupuncture in Portland Oregon

What are the meridians?

Invisible energy pathways in your body that conduct life-force, or Qi (pronounced chee) in and around your body.

Here’s the big one……

Why do I care?

It helps the practitioner to measure and analyze the energy balance of each meridian.  When this balance is achieved, our bodies flow and are much better at healing themselves.

And yet…

If I were you, I’m still not sure I’d be all that excited about this.  But let me tell you a couple of stories, and then I think it will start to be exciting.

How it helped me treat a bad cough

I was treating a patient for a really bad cough.  Normally, my expectation would be that within a few days, there would be a big change in the cough.  It didn’t happen.   She had a cough, you would think that we would treat the lung.  Makes sense.   But it still wasn’t moving it after a week.  I decided to do a DMI on this patient.  What was fascinating was her lung meridian looked great.  Her small intestine was completely deficient.   In Chinese medicine, the small intestine is paired with the lung, so it makes sense.   I did a treatment on the small intestine meridian and the next morning, the cough was 80% better.   Even more interesting, the patient went for some other tests and we found out she actually had an amoeba in her small intestine that she figures she picked up while she was out camping and bathing in creek water.   The DMI allowed us to see deeper into the systems for a more effective treatment.

How it helps with the Emotional Pieces

That’s a very physical example.  I actually love to see the emotional component come into play and how it affects our lives.  In my program, Live Your Dream~ Keep Your Health, my patient starts with a DMI.   In this program, there are five phases, and each phase is associated with an emotion and in turn an organ.  For example, Phase 1 is to get clarity about what your dream is.  The emotion is Joy and the organ is the Heart.   When someone comes in and they are not clear about their dream, inevitably, when I do the DMI, their heart meridian will NOT be in balance.   We balance that out, and all of a sudden they have clarity around their dream or goal.

The second phase is around believing that anything is possible.  The emotion is fear and the organ is Kidney.   My patient knows what they want, they just seem to go in circles and can’t seem to make it happen.  Their DMI will show their kidney meridian to be out of balance.  We balance it and all of a sudden they see how to move forward.

My own story

From personal experience, I had 9 out of 12 meridians out of balance.  And while I was feeling better than I had been, I still wasn’t feeling great.  Over the course of the next few months, the RiverWest Acupuncturists treated me based on what the data was showing them.  End result for me, I continue to be stronger, feel better, and am enjoying life.

Translated in my world; Unstuck leads to unstoppable.

That’s fun!

Those are just a couple of examples of the power of how this technology paired with acupuncture in Portland Oregon, helps me as a practitioner, be better at serving you, my patients.

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