How Acupuncture helps Grief

Acupuncture helps grief

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Did you know that Acupuncture helps grief?

Really?  Acupuncture helps grief?  YES!!  I once took a class that opened my eyes in a profound way.  It was called Mastering Loss and Change. I initially thought, “Why would I take this class?” I’ve had a great life, I really haven’t had any loss. My parents are still alive. At the time, my grandparents were alive. I had had no significant tragedy in my life, or so I thought. But what my eyes were opened to is that just about anything can register for us as change and thus a loss.

At one end of the spectrum, we all understand the loss of a loved one that is close to you. Clearly the loss and grief associated with that are profound. I recently experienced it with the passing of my father. But what about reaching that goal that you have been working for and working for and BOOM! You make it. You are on top of the mountain! You’re thinking, “Where is the loss and grief there?”

If you have ever experienced that kind of goal-oriented success, have you noticed that after the thrill and the adrenaline of the victory wear off, that pretty soon you are thinking,,,,, “Now what?” There’s a let-down because you miss or you’ve lost that goal as something to work towards. It’s actually a form of loss.

How does loss manifest in our body?

Typically, loss will result in grief, it can move into depression, anxiety, etc…  In Chinese Medicine, each emotion is associated with an organ.   Grief is associated with the lung.  And the lung and the skin are paired with each other.  When someone comes in with chronic lung issues, asthma, chronic coughs, some would say lung cancer, especially when there has been no smoking history, or hives, and other skin issues, the first thing I want to know about is,  what’s going on in that patients life that is causing the grief. It is uncanny how often, once we get to talking about those possibility, the links to events start to show up.
I can’t tell you how often my patients get a cough or cold after a death of someone that impacted them. So the trick is to be aware of losses. In the clinic this week, with Scott leaving, even though we both agreed it was the best thing for him, AND he’s excited to move on, there is still sadness about the closing of a chapter and the beginning of a new one. I have to acknowledge that and let it go or it will affect me in how I find our next acupuncturist.
In a treatment the way acupuncture helps grief, is I’m going to needle to let the energy flow along that lung meridian and use some Bach flower remedies to move the grief  along. It’s very effective and gentle with no side effects.    AND you may need to see a counselor of some type to help you through the rough spots, especially if it’s a profound loss. I always say, it takes a TEAM.

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