Acupuncture For Insomnia Relief

acupuncture for insomnia reliefMany people suffer from insomnia and poor sleep these days. These sleep issues are often caused by other common health issues such as high stress level, anxiety, depression, imbalanced hormone, or poor blood circulation. When you have insomnia, it is important to figure out which factors are potentially triggering your insomnia, so that you can treat the issue quickly and more effectively at the root of the problem.  Many professionals in the field of sleep disorders recommend acupuncture for insomnia relief.

It is very popular because it can effectively treat many of the triggers that cause insomnia. Its benefits can provide great relief to patients, helping them have an easier time falling asleep naturally, rather than having to take a sleeping aid that leaves you feeling groggy the next day.   Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) takes a more holistic approach to solving the insomnia problem.  Here is how TCM uses acupuncture for insomnia relief and to promote good sleep.


3 Reasons why Acupuncture for insomnia relief is effective

1. Improved blood circulation.

This is the most important benefit that you can receive from an acupuncture treatment. When done properly, acupuncture can improve and promote good blood circulation in your body. When you have good blood circulation, you will feel more relaxed. Good blood circulation is also very effective in helping you sleep better. As a result, improving your circulation through acupuncture may effectively help you treat your insomnia and poor sleeping issues.

2. Reduces stress levels.

Reducing stress levels is another benefit of acupuncture treatments. When you have an acupuncture treatment, you are going to experience relief from high stress levels with ease. Acupuncture is proven to be very effective in reducing stress within the body. Treatment can also trigger production of certain hormones that promote relaxation. Reducing your stress and anxiety is a proven, effective way to help you treat your insomnia.

3. Treats chronic pain.

Some people suffer from insomnia because they have chronic pain on several parts of their body. When you have painful areas within your body, finding relief becomes a main priority so that you can feel at ease and not experience disrupted sleep. Acupuncture can be used to relief chronic pain quickly and easily. There are no significant side effects of acupuncture.  Therefore, it is a great way to reduce your feelings of pain and triggers for insomnia. You will not only find yourself able to sleep better by treating your chronic pain through acupuncture, you will also feel more comfortable in your daily life.

Read reviews from other patients of RiverWest Acupuncture who have had success in using acupuncture for insomnia relief.  Often we have patients that come in for pain, or some other issue, and after their first acupuncture treatment they tell us that they went home and slept the best they have in years.   Our acupuncturists will know and be able to recommend a treatment for your insomnia that will promote healthy sleep without causing any negative side effects on your body. Don’t wait any longer on treating your poor sleeping issues. See how acupuncture  can treat your insomnia and help you have a good night’s sleep today.

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