Acupuncture for Depression and Weather

acupuncture for depression from depressing weatherCloudy weather can make you feel depressed for as long as it lasts. While light rain can be refreshing and even invigorating, days with heavy clouds may trigger the opposite response. Feelings of uncertainty and even doubt may be triggered by environmental conditions which are completely out of your control. However, while you can’t control the weather, you do have a lot of influence over your reaction to it.  One of the tips suggest that acupuncture for depression is a great tool.


Acupuncture for depression is just one our tips!

Read on for more tips.

Change Your Thoughts

Telling yourself that your day will be as bad as the weather looks could be a self-fulfilling prophecy. The next time you see a gray sky, think positively about how your day will be. Whether you are a student, operate a business from home or have a team of athletes to prepare for competition, set lofty goals for your day. It is very likely that your day will go well.  By doing this habitually, you may come to see dreary looking days as days that are filled with opportunity.


Color Your World

Bright colors have a transformative effect on people of all ages. No matter where you are, you can change how you feel  by adding color to your immediate environment. If you are at your desk, print a picture of flowers and put it up somewhere in your line of vision. If flowers aren’t your thing, put up a colorful picture featuring something else that you like.  Maybe its a car, clothing or an electronic gadget for you. Shades such as yellow, red and blue can affect your mood.   They will also affect the people who visit you during the day.


Get On Your Feet

Exercising releases endorphins.  A simple walk around the block can change the chemicals that are moving around inside your body.  This change will automatically making you feel better. However, you don’t have to leave your house or even stray far from your desk to get this benefit. Push your chair aside for a moment and stretch for a few minutes. Do a few jumping jacks if you have the privacy and space. Physical movement lets you experience a change in your body that also affects your mind. Do it often throughout your day and you will gain more enthusiasm for the things you plan to do.  This will work even on a day that looks forbidding.


Treat Yourself

Doing something that you’ve wanted to for a while can help you to feel better about your day. If you’ve been planning to visit friends or see a movie and you have the time on a dreary day, why not do it? Your time is yours to enjoy.  Doing something that has a powerful impact on your emotions can radically transform your day.  It can also transform the rest of your week. Treat yourself to an hour at a spa or visit an acupuncture specialist. Make a list of things you’ve always wanted to try or do and tackle the easiest one. Even if you don’t have a lot of cash available to you at that moment, you can still do something that makes your day brighter.  At RiverWest Acupuncture, we offer Community Acupuncture for $25.  This would be a way to treat yourself and use acupuncture for depression to make yourself feel fantastic.


Avoid Energy Vampires

Some people just seem to draw the energy right out of you. Everyone has bad days but these people always seem to need to share the worst of their day with you. They always leave you feeling less happy about life, after sharing the worst perspective possible on everything from their health to their career options. On a day that already doesn’t look as bright as you would want, it is better to avoid people who are like that. Instead, surround yourself as far as possible with people who choose to look at the best features in each day.   Hint: Recommend to them that they should go get some acupuncture for depression to make their life less miserable.


Like begets like and being around people who are happy can influence you. However, you have to be willing to be influenced.   If you are one of those people that gets depressed by the weather, you can use acupuncture for depression and to help with mood swings as well. RiverWest Acupuncture can help you to treat mood disorders. Speak to a qualified acupuncturist about fluctuations in mood that you may be having, and talk to your doctor about physical illnesses that may be causing highs and lows.

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