Reducing High Blood Sugar

I was surprised when the nurse advising me on how to lower my A1C blood sugar level of 5.9 suggested I try acupuncture as a primary course of action. Luckily my wife remembered seeing a postcard about RiverWest’s community acupuncture clinic offered four times per week.

In the first six months, I managed to lower my A1C from the 5.9 level to 5.7, just .10 above the normal upper limit of 5.6. The nurse and I were impressed with that progress in just six months. And I am now pleased and proud to report that with my blood work last week my A1C is now 5.5, .10 BELOW normal limits! My cholesterol has also dropped into the “normal” range from being slightly high. I think the point here is that sticking with the program for the long haul has produced impressive results. Like Woody Allen said, “90% of life is just showing up!” I would highly recommend that anyone with an A1C higher than 5.6 give acupuncture a try. –Mike

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