Muscle/Joint Pain

“I first came to Riverwest Acupuncture in 2003 with a very painful tendonitis in my right thumb – I am right handed and could not use the hand for bathing, shampooing hair, dressing, cooking, or driving, – without wanting to scream from the pain. I had been to a hand specialist and an occupational therapist and gone through all the exercises, hot/cold treatments, splinting, N-SAID’s, etc., and when the MD finally recommended steroidal injections into the thumb joint I decided it was time to try something different and called Lisa for an appointment.

I was an emotional mess – I had just completed chemotherapy (not related to the thumb/hand) and not understanding how long those chemo drugs stay in one’s system I was fixated on the thumb pain as the cause of all my emotional and physical discomfort. Typically Lisa would have needled my left hand (opposite to the affected one) but I have lymphedema in that limb from the cancer surgery so she instructed me to remove my left shoe. I did but with loads of skepticism! She placed one needle in the top of my foot and asked me to move my thumb and I replied “Oh, yeh, right!” (I didn’t say I was a good patient!) She asked, patiently again, and I moved it and found it totally pain free for the first time in months! I still find it hard to believe after all I’d been through to get such immediate and complete relief! So I figured, I may not understand how this works but I’ll accept that it does.

I also have serious osteoarthritis in both knees and ankles and have been told repeatedly that I need knee replacement surgeries. After 4-5 weekly sessions, I have gone to a once a month maintenance schedule – and I experience no pain in my knees and ankles most of the time and when I do it is manageable without stopping my activities or relying on pain medication. The best part is I continue to ambulate upright, under my own leg power…allowing me to lead an active life which includes exercise at the gym for improved health and fitness. After years of suffering, it is my opinion that it is Lisa’s skill as an acupuncturist that has kept me out of a wheelchair!”

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