“A couple of years ago I turned 50, started peri-menopause and after 34 years of being chained to smoking, I decided to quit. These changes in my life started a lot unexpected challenges. I was an enigma to my husband, became irritable, doubted myself when making decisions, cried for no reason, saw myself gaining weight even when I was watching my food intake and working out on a regular basis, and I had inexplicable panic attacks. I went to see my family physician who prescribed me some medication which after two weeks rendered me like a zombie. Needless to say I stopped all medications and went to see Lisa for some acupuncture treatment.

I had gone to see Lisa the previous year for a different treatment. Although dubious at first, I feel that the hours I spend with her help me more each time. Lisa is not only a great healer, but also a confidante, a great listener, an understanding person, and a great friend. With her, I understand that I have a lot to offer in my personal and professional lives. It is a long journey but I am extremely grateful to count Lisa among my support lines.”

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