I have been going to Riverwest Acupuncture for about six months and Lisa is fantastic. I have been treated for insomnia which has been a problem for close to 12 years. I have had to take Bendaryl 50 mg each night but have been able to cut my dose in half thus far. By December I hope to be drug free! I have also been treated with acupuncture and Chinese herbs for musculoskeletal issues, acute respiratory infections, seasonal allergies, and PMS. I love being treated for a problem without having to deal with the effects of prescribed medications!

The entire clinic is warm and welcoming and the staff makes every effort to accommodate their patients’ various schedules. I believe the treatments and herbs are appropriately priced; in fact, my insurance does not cover acupuncture but I pay out of pocket for awesome therapy! I recommend Riverwest Acupuncture without any reservations!

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