“I have been suffering from chronic headaches and migraines for 21 years. I forced myself to live through them, because I felt I had no other choice in my life. My migraines would knock me out weekly and my headaches consumed about 90% of each day. I had cat scans, blood work, saw specialists and took unimaginable amounts of drugs, and it all failed or just numbed the pain for a few hours. I felt as I was getting older my headaches were getting worse. Now, a mother of 2 beautiful but demanding boys, I had to find something. I was feeling guilty every time I had a migraine and had to lie down away from the kids. Feeling bad for constantly asking them to quite down because Mommy had a headache. Guilt stricken and tired, a friend recommended me to acupuncture.

During my first appointment Lisa Francolini was wonderful as she handed me tissue after tissue as I told her my story. With assurance Lisa told me I was going to be headache free. Being let down so many times in this area it was hard for me to imagine, but so comforting to hear. Let’s skip to the happy ending: within 3 treatments I was headache free. Yes, you heard me not one! After living with such an unbearable pain almost every day of my life, I have none. And let me tell you the best part, I am a healthier and happier Mom! Now, my only question is why didn’t I try this sooner?!”

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