I got my leg back

I just got out of bed and HAD to send you this email. When I woke up this morning something was very VERY different. I couldn’t place it, but I felt it to my core. I did a quick scan of my body, asking it what was up. And then I realized…I got my leg back. MY LEG WAS BACK! I don’t know where she went, but last night she returned. Throughout the last two months, I had a dreams…one, where my injured leg was taken away and then returned in angelic bubble wrap. Another, where my leg was a limp piece of over cooked asparagus. Sometimes I would look at my injured knee and want to cry because I didn’t recognize her as mine. Other times, I would weep in apology that I had done this to her. BUT last night, she returned.

I have seen Lisa for four visits. She has treated my gut and worked on my knee. My gut is healed! Thank GOD! The work on my knee has been a steady progress of support and healing and after every appointment I could feel my knee grow stronger. But yesterday’s treatment got me over the hump, the edge, the steep hill I’ve been climbing to complete wellness and WHOLENESS. Jill’s acupuncture treatment was powerful! She did similar pokes to Lisa, but she was able to push through the last remaining blocks. *Thank you Jill, thank you. I will send people to you in a heartbeat! (just as i do for Lisa)*

Lisa came into the appointment and found two tender spots on my knee and when she pressed on them, I could bend my knee into a position it hasn’t reached since my injury. Then I talked to Bev, and she helped me grasp what my emotional blocks might be. In other words, my appointment yesterday treated me energetically by Jill, physically by Lisa, emotionally by Bev and with the herbs I’m taking, I’m also getting treated medicinally.

I still have a ways to go, but it is all easy peasy from here. I just know it!!!!! Thank you. The gratitude I have for you all is grand and huge and real and I am and will be forever grateful.

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