Nov…Fall is a time of color and beauty. I love watching the variety of maple leaves changing to vivid reds, golds, purples, and orange. I enjoy kicking around leaves and walking in the fresh crisp air. It is a delight to my eyes and heart… At the same time, in the fall, as daylight hours shorten, clouds set in and skies are blanketed in colors of gray, it also becomes a time of depression for me. Fall produces an inner struggle where intellectually I know all is stable in my world; however, emotionally it can leave me incapacitated, literally non-function. I have SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Last week when I thought all was well, I was hit blindsided by a wave of sadness. Sitting on the couch, in the dark, tears falling for two and a half days, I finally recognized I needed help. This wasn’t going to go away on its own. Fortunately, I was already scheduled for a RiverWest “Community Acupuncture” session (with my husband) the next day. I hadn’t intended to go while in the midst of being in the throws of an ailment, but let’s just say it was good timing.

My belief was I had three choices: 1. Go to a same-day appointment with my regular practitioner and increase medications, 2. Try the acupuncture; or 3. Try and live with this awful feeling inside of me. The last choice was not an option, and the first choice, well – increased doses of medications or trying new meds have their own issues of side effects, needing time to work, and on-going costs. That left the acupuncture.

So, I attended a Saturday community acupuncture session and by the time I left I noticed the uncontrollable crying stopped. Still reserved about my overall health, I wasn’t going to kid myself that all was well within one session. Yet, as the day progressed I felt better and better. No, not completely whole, so I did attend another two sessions the following week. After each session, my smile came back and so too, my energy. I realize I still need a few more sessions to help with the final side effects of this disease (tension headache), but I have no doubt I’ll be helped. I also have no doubt that should this darkness slip back I have a place to go where I can find relief.

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