“I’ve been reminded yet again, how grateful I am to Lisa (and RiverWest Acupuncture) for help with my food allergies. This last Thursday, I picked up some lunch from a reputable grocery store. I checked the ingredients and all looked fine…, so I bought it and ate it. Tasted delish, but unfortunately about 40 minutes after ingesting it, I reacted. Have you ever had a calf cramp – you can feel the muscle just knotted up and it hurts like h___? Well “one” of my allergy symptoms to food is such a cramp, however – it is in my chest.

Called an esophageal spasm, the cramp can’t be massaged out. It feels like a heart attack, the pain is just unbearable. This cramp lasted 45 minutes straight – unrelenting. So why am I mentioning this? This is how I used to react to finned fish and I don’t any longer! YEAH! Truly – if you have environmental and/or food allergies – ask Lisa or Jenn if they can help you either eliminate these or reduce the symptoms. What would it hurt?”

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