“I have been going to Lisa for quite some time now. I have terrible seasonal allergies which begin in April and end in September, making the summer somewhat of a health challenge for me. In years past I have gone to specialists who put me on a cocktail of several prescription medications just to treat my symptoms. Though the medications did offer some relief, I continued to experience symptoms. I told Lisa I had allergies but I think even she was surprised when she realized just how bad my allergies are, but as always, she was up to the challenge.

I began treatments in early April and have been seeing Lisa weekly to bi- weekly ever since. The big test came several weeks ago when we attended a barbeque at Kelley Point Park. When we drove into the parking lot the cottonwood was so thick, it looked as though it were snowing. I figured I would be able to stay at the park for an hour at best and would have to leave due to severe allergic reactions (trees happen to be my worst allergens).

To my astonishment, as well as the astonishment of all my friends at the party, I was able to stay all day and into the evening. I was absolutely elated and couldn’t wait to tell Lisa that after all these years, I am finally ‘cured’! I had no idea it was possible to feel this good! Treating my allergies has also significantly improved my overall health and well being. To be able to enjoy the summer months is such an amazing gift and one I am forever grateful for. Thank you Lisa, for what you do and all the lives you touch!”

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